October 4, 2013

My Dad's truck

Yesterday I spent an hour with my dad, while my husband was at work, my girls were in Irish dance class and my mom went to the store.  I asked him if he's seen the NEW 10 minute weekly videos by Sister Vassa (here is the first episode), which is full of information and also a bit of humor.  He said yes and told me that he sat next to Sister Vassa about 10 years ago at a meeting discussing the reunification of the Moscow Patriarchate and Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (the reunification happened on May 17, 2007 and my father and mother were both able to go to Russia for this)!  He said she is very intelligent.  We went on to talk about her father, who is the priest who served the funeral when my dad's sister (Martha) passed away in 1976.
I grabbed a pen and paper and began writing and we added another chapter to his memoirs.
When my mom returned, I asked her to help me find some old pictures...and these are what I wanted to share today:
This is Dad's 1987 Mack, complete with a shiny silver bulldog hood ornament.  In 1965, the Mack truck produced the R series, which they made until 2005...and that's what kind of truck my dad purchased in the 1990s, he used it for many years when he picked up containers (big rectangular boxes you see on trains that are brought to the ports and then put on barges to go overseas).  It was shiny red.  Beautiful.
There it is, parked in our driveway, where my parents still live.  My sister took this picture many years ago, while she was in high school taking a photography class, you know the old film kind?  They used black and white film.  My dad even helped her to make a photo lab in our basement, where we had a large closet to use as a dark room, with bins of chemicals mixed to lay the photo paper in to let it develop.  Dad is still awesome, just now he's not as active as he used to be, not able to DO stuff we used to do, but he is here to tell us the stories.


Mama Shara said...

Your Dad sounds like he's led such an interesting life! Will you publish his memoirs or will they just be for the family history books?

Michelle M. said...

How wonderful that you are writing down his stories!

Amanda Sexton said...

I love your blog...I bought the stuff to make your spinach and orzo recipe. Your recipes look good. I think it is wonderful that you are writing your father's memoir.

Mary said...

Great memories!

elizabeth said...

It is so good that you are writing this all down; very good and beautiful.