September 15, 2007

Counting in Japanese

My karate kid: Hannah! She is attentive and eager to learn from her sensei. I'm so proud of her. She earned a green star this week and today she earned a red stripe on her belt! We've been practicing counting to 10 in Japanese, they do this in class while making different moves...

My little sister got the "ungame" and one of the questions was exactly what I polled, just out of curiousity...what color do you associate with happiness? So the majority here, although I don't have large numbers to PROVE anything, says that yellow and blue are the happy colors!!! Personally, a shade of blue (turquoise or sky blue) is my favorite color, but when asked that question the first thing that popped into my mind was yellow, as I visioned the sun in my mind! And I LOVE the color of the sky today, it definitely makes me happy! Tell me if you have any associations with specific colors.
Juliana is just 2. Isn't she just a little trend setter? I love the long shirt styles that are coming sister wasn't sure if this outfit, which was a birthday present was a shirt or a dress and I totally understand. She's wearing it with jeans here, but I think it would also look cute with leggings!
Last night, I baked the Russian meat-stuffed bread "piroshki" and they turned out beautifully. They taste great too. I'm helping with "trapeza" (coffee hour, but more of a lunch) at church tomorrow. I just made a pumpkin roll (with cream cheese filling, it's so delicious. Hannah and I just licked off the beaters. Yum. Olivia went with Rob this morning to Fountain City, Indiana. He grew up there and they always have a festival the 3rd weekend of September. I hope they got to see the house where he grew up, it's a really great place, we went there 3 or 4 years ago around Christmas just to look. It's a gorgeous day today, perfect blue sky, a gentle breeze and the temperature is about 60' about 20'C (because I know that is 68').


Samantha (aka, "HappyScrappySam") said...

The kids look so cute! Great pic of Hannah in her Karate uniform, and big CONGRATS to her on earning that red stripe!

As far as happy colors go, I voted for pink! Pink shirts, pink paper, pink all makes me smile. I also like yellow b/c it reminds me of the sun, and living in WA, I need to be reminded of that often!!

KJ-Starre said...

Hi friend!!! I'm impressed with that karate kick! congrats on your stripe Hannah! Makes me want to go back to my kick boxing!

Wow! Martha those meals sound yummie and should post one of the easier recipes and I will try and make it, then post pics of it on my blog.

Have a YELLOW day!

joscelyne cutchens said...

YUMMM, I would love the recipe to the pumpkin roll... I voted yellow, I also thought, sunny, happy yellow.
hai, sayoonara!

oh, and I posted the journaling next to my like a weed layout, and also, if you click on any of the photos on the blog, it links to a larger version of the pic.

Thanks for looking:)