September 7, 2007

It is still summer...

...but in two weeks it will be fall. Today, however, is seems like fall... the wind is blowing, leaves are falling from the trees (it's very dry, we need rain) and I expect it to rain soon. I love the seasons, it seems that God knows when to change them, when I'm tired of the heat and humidity, the cool weather takes over. I look forward to picking apples, but the orchard we went to last September (Rob took a nice photo of me and our girls) doesn't have u-pick this year, I am assuming because of the lack of rain they have a small crop. I will make some phone calls to see if there is another nearby place to pick apples. Last year, I borrowed my mom's Chinoise food strainer that had a wooden pestle (the set is now called "vintage" but she's had it since I was very little) and left the apple skins on when I cooked them, so the applesauce was PINK! It was so good. Rob made a scrumptuous apple pie! And I still have pumpkin pulp from our pumpkins last year, in the freezer, so I will bake something with that well before Thanksgiving. Everyone likes fresh ingredients.
We're going to go outside and play hide-and-seek, before it gets dark. It's 7pm already!


KJ-Starre said...

Hi are now the official "Baker lady!!" I went to the cupcake link on your blog....YUMMIE! all those cookies look amazing. Next weekend I will have to try them with Cas. Thanks for the link. We don't get to pick apples here, but it sure sounds like fun.....we did go cherry picking once..that was a blast. We all ate sooooo many cherries while we were picking, it took weeks before we could touch the fruit again (I made marachino cherries~ my favourite!} Your husband bakes??????Wow I'm impressed, it must we the Ohio fresh air hahaha! My hubbie can barely cook an egg, his mama never taught him. Thats why I have decided that as soon as Max is old enough I will teach him to be a whizz in the kitchen. Then one day he too can WOW! is future wife ;o) Hope you and the girls enjoyed playing together, sounds like your weather is perfect at the moment.
Chat soon

JO said...

Hey, that's a nice picture of you & the girls. Looks professionally done. Sounds like the kids are having fun over there in OHIO - more activities than Here - HINEE,GA