November 15, 2007


Tuesday was "parent observation" for Olivia's ballet class and today, Hannah's ballet class. I got to see what they've been practicing. They are doing well. Hannah is practicing on the bar and is especially learning so many advanced things (in my mind), French words like: plie, passe, rond de jambe, arabesque, tan du, bam bam, etc. I never took ballet, so it's all new to me. I'm so impressed.
Simply yeast, salt, warm water and flour + work = bread. Have you ever been to a restaurant where they serve soup in a bread bowl? Well, here is one...


JO said...

YUMMY- soup in bread bowls. Looks like fun to make, but yah = work !. But actually fun. I LOVE that ballerina pose, so grown up looking. I'm glad the girls are enjoying ballet, I'd like to put my girl in ballet too, but the one on post asks for too much paperworks ! anyhow - someday, she'll be in a class.

Samantha said...

What cute pictures! I remember ballet. I was a ballerina for quite a while and never knew I was learning French ;) It was such a positive experience for me. I'm glad my parents enrolled me!

I LOVE soup in bread bowls! They're quite common here in the NW. Now you have me thinking I should go and have some soon!

Molly Sabourin said...

Hi Marfa!

I snuck over here by linking to the kind comment you left at my site. Your blog page is so cheery and comforting. I love what you've done with your girls' pictures. I have always admired scrapbooking from afar but photos remain in our blue rubbermaid tub. Thanks for stopping by!


KJ-Starre said...

Lovely photo of the little ballerina!

It is so good for their muscle development, co-ordination & especially self confidence.I think all little girls should have the opportunity to do some kind of dancing!

I danced my whole life.....& loved every minute of it.