November 11, 2007


It's chilly...and while we were in church it started to rain, so instead of being outdoors this afternoon, we're inside. Some worked on big box houses (Rob cut out windows and the girls used markers to decorate), but I've been working on the newest batch of photos I got just a few days ago from! Their 8 x 10s are just 1.99 and I love big photos. I got almost 200 4 x 6s also, they're only 6 cents right now. Some of the photos were from a few months ago, as you can see in these photos from the summer!So, my favorite elements right now are scalloped shapes, Elsie's epoxy stickers, handwriting, a variety of colors and mixing patterned papers (thank you, Kristin, for the beautiful papers)!!! My sister's boyfriend (I think I can officially say that, now) is staying at our house this weekend. We really like him. He got the girls each a "mounty" (he's from Canada). We started going to Lowe's workshops for kids in 2005, I think, we have lots of patches! Yesterday was Juliana's first time and she had fun, but didn't finish the project there, she was very happy to have a little hammer.Here are more pictures.


Samantha said...

It's wet and cold over here, too! I hope to see the sun tomorrow. We do still have one, right?

Your LOs are great! It's nice to see summer pics now that it's winter time.

I enjoyed looking at your other photos. Your family is so cute!

KJ-Starre said...

I am loving this new style you are trying with your latest L.O's! They are colourful, fun & I love all the details!

What wonderful are quite the photographer! I still can't believe you are getting your prints for such a gr8 price, what a deal! chance of me using them :O( the postage would be triple the cost of the photo's hahaha!


JO said...

Oh so cute = her sleeping w/ the teddy bear.