November 8, 2007


No one is perfect. I am so embarassed that I spelled "scrumptious" incorrectly...tell me the truth, did you know it was wrong and just didn't correct me out of politeness? I did feel like it was time to change the header now you get a picture of my old and well-used non-stick silicone mat with a strawberry dipped in chocolate!

We love pomegranates, here are some great recipes:'s got a myriad of hobbies, like me, but his favorite is working on his CJ. Mine? Scrapbooking is no. 1! Hannah and Olivia's? Maybe dressing up? Don't you love those pink shoes? Hannah HAD to get them, she was even crying as we buckled her in the car, she didn't need them, but thought they were so beautiful...Rob went back in the store by himself and bought them for they fit Olivia.


Mary said...

I didn't not correct you out of politeness... I didn't realize it either. Maybe it's a family thing. I though we were decent spellers though. Guess I was wrong :)

Samantha said...

Hey, Martha! I honestly did not even notice you had spelled scrumptious incorrectly! I think sometimes our eyes just fill in the blanks when something minor is missing, kwim?

The girls look very cute in their dress-up outfits. I used to play dress up in my mom's closet. Those were fun days!

Angie said...

Hi! I just found your blog through ckmb- I really like it. By the way, I'm tagging your blog- just go to my blog for the rules!

Kristina said...

We got some delicious pomegranates at Sam's Club this week - huge, juicy, almost spicy tasting! Yum! Congrats on being in the spotlight on CK! Kristina

JO said...

Hey, I knew it was mispelled, but I thought you were giving it a "unique personality" like "Scrumptuous w/ a big fat pucker lip action" - now say it w/ the Pucker LIP action. Ya know - I thought it was a UNIQUE personality thing ! NO big deal - everyone mispells a word.

KJ-Starre said...

I didn't notice the spelling either!

I love the photo's...we don't get pomegranates here, although I remember eating one as a child in Zambia. I love, love that pic of the girls dressing have very cute girls!!! & how wonderful of Rob going back to buy those pink shoes.....says alot about your guy :O)

FAB header.....looks good enough to eat!!

Hope you are well & not too busy with teaching & all your other agencies???

I think of you often.