November 4, 2007


The most important thing is a smile. When someone smiles at me, I automatically smile back. It sparkles!
Of my jewelry, some of my favorite things are the least expensive...I got a beautiful amber necklace when I was in Russia in 1999 for about 300 rubles, which is like $10. I wear the cross that I was baptised as an infant with all the time, it's yellow gold, but my engagement & wedding ring are white gold and I always wear those too. I know some people have to have their jewelry "match" but I'm a mixer. What do you do?


Samantha said...

You have a beautiful smile, Martha! I'm always smiling. My mom told me that I would smile at everyone I passed when I was little, and I continue to do so even now! We should all pass on a little sunshine now and then :)

Since I am a jewelry designer, I'm always wearing some fun stuff whether on my ears, around my neck, or on my finges. My staple jewelry items are my watch and my wedding set. I like to mix and match, so I can be wearing silver earings with a gold bracelet. That's just me!

KJ-Starre said...

That certainly is a lovely pic of you. I don't really wear jewelry other than my wedding ring which is white gold and diamonds & one of my pairs of silver & crystal earings. I do have a beautiful white gold & diamond cross necklace with one of those slinky chains but it keeps getting caught in my hair so I don't wear it that often. I like costume jewelry necklaces...big beads & stuff but I don't wear them every day.

Nice post!

Vivian said...

Nice picture, Martha. Before I get to the smiling thing, I have to master not looking at the ground when I walk.

I'm a mixer, myself. I have a jade necklace my grandmother gave me when I was 7. Gold chain, jade pendant. The I go and wear silver earrings and a silver right hand ring sort of thing.

Stefanie said...

You do have a stunning smile, I have been told my face looks sad if I'm not smiling but there is not much I can do about that unless I see someone/something to smile at.
I like white gold myself and diamonds, fake or real, anything pretty and sparkly does it for me.

JO said...

I LOVE that smile !