October 20, 2008

Slippers for roofers??

Yep. Rob wore his L.L. Bean slippers, used his climbing gear and rope while patching up the roof, where we'd had damage from the windstorm last month. It was fun to watch him up there. It was a lovely sunny weekend...and the sunglasses also make me look cool, eh? We played hide-n-seek, jumped on the trampoline, walked to the park, etc... lots of fun outside stuff!!!
Today, Olivia lost her first tooth! Finally, it had been wiggly for a LONG time. Months.

Look at that pretty new smile.
You can see how Twinkle is healing. It's been about 2 weeks. Believe me, it was pretty bad. She loves bananas, but is smart. I'd been giving her the antibiotic in a slice of banana twice daily and she figured it out, so I tried a grape...that didn't work. So, now, I'm not feeding her at all until she eats the fruit with the medicine. I know, sounds cruel, but I want her to be recover well.

Hannah and Olivia were both promoted in karate class. As you see, Hannah has an orange belt with a white stripe and Olivia got a yellow belt with a black stripe. I was very proud of them doing their kata! They both move with such confidence.


Kim Watson said...

Wonderful news about the girls doing so well in Karate....what age do they start the children over there? I was thinking about sending Maxi :o)

I can't believe Twinkle is so smart...shows you just how great their sense of smell is. You aren't being cruel at all.
You look just such a babe in those shades...I tried some of those new trendy big shades on the other day & I laughed so hard. They looked SO funny on me & definitely suit the narrower face shape.
Hugs to you all!!

Meadowlark Days said...

Congrats to the girls on their abilities in karate! And congrats to Olivia for losing her first tooth.

Anne Elizabeth said...

Tag your it!

Loreluca said...

WOWSERS, Martha, your daughter has such beautiful eyes! She looks happy that she lost her tooth, how sweet! Congrats on their doing so good in their karate class! Go girls!
Did you not SWEAT seeing your DH up there? I'd be just a wreck. Then again, I'm terrified of heights!
aw, man! Twinkle caught your trick! I hope he starts eating soon!
Oh, and the porch is not my home's (I only wish!) It was just one of the businesses in downtown Oswego, where we were walking!
Hugs, my friend!

Samantha said...

Congrats to the girls for moving up in their karate class. That's wonderful news! A special congrats to Olivia for losing that first tooth! She look adorable with her brand new smile :)

I'm so glad to see Twinkie is healing nicely. I must have missed the post when she was injured. You're a good bunny-mama for hiding her antibiotic in some banana :)

Love the cool black shades, too. I think they're quite chic! I'm glad it was sunny out so that you could sport your shades and Rob could fix the roof.

I hope you're having a fabulous day!! HUGS :)

Anne Marie said...

Congrats to the girls on their new belts (and new tooth too!) Love the new banner!