November 6, 2009


6:30am: I woke up, as usual, said prayers, ate breakfast, then started homeschooling with the girls.
8:30am: I left for work and had fun with 20 four-year-olds (who drew with chalk on dark paper, for the art activity, my fav time of the day). Left there promptly at 12:15. Ate a cheese, tomato and lettuce sandwich in the car...had my trusty waterbottle from Susanna.
12:30pm: I had an exam in my class at Cincinnati State (community college)
2:30pm: Rob left for work and we left for piano lessons, stopped by the bank real quick.
3:00pm: Hannah had piano lessons, while Olivia and I walked to a nearby park, it was sunny, I went on the swings with her (she pumps really well and went HIGH), sang "Sticky bubblegum" until I could see she had to go to the bathroom. Ate some cookies at Fr Pavel and Matushka Bethany's house. I admired the bonnets she's knitting.
4:30pm: We went to Hobby Lobby and I bought some 100% cotton yarn. Listened to "Let it Be" by the Beatles in the car with the that song!5:00pm: Dinner at Magdalena's house (chicken in mushroom sauce, homemade mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese, applesauce, Italian soda, and brownies with ice cream, whipped cream and cherries for dessert)...sumptuous!!! I heard about the Ft. Hood, TX shootings. May God help the victims and their families. Sad and scary...what is the world coming to?
7:00pm: We started putting together her Mission style coffeetable.
8:00pm: Helped Magdalena upload some photos. Look at this cute one of her from way back when...
9:30pm: Home. Brushed teeth, put on pajamas. Hit the sack.

I really want to keep the time the SAME. No more time changes!!!

Tuesday evening...we went to a birthday party for a little friend from church, was very nice!


Chrispea said...

Yes, I agree... it gets dark waaay too early. 5 pm feels like 7. But, I'm very excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Love those holidays.

Pres. Kathy said...

You are one busy lady!!!

Michelle M. said...

I love the post :)

KJ said...

Hiya friend! Thanks so much for your sweet comments over the last little while! They mean so much to me.
Your girls are looking so beautiful & grown was alot of fun reading about your day!
Hugs from down south.