February 20, 2012

Weekend project: pajama pants

Isn't it frustrating that you can't find 100% cotton flannel pajamas for kids?
Supposedly the 100% polyester is better because it is flame resistant? So... I bought 100% cotton flannel to sew pajama pants for my daughter.Next time, I'm going to use this tutorial:

And just make the shorts longer...I love that she shows you how to do a French seam!

And the best thing about this my newly baptised Godson in my arms! ♥


Melanie said...

Many Years!

Michelle M. said...

Many years to your newly baptised godson!

I love the pjs :)

elizabeth said...

lovely pants!
how wonderful about your godson! many years!! the day my godson was baptised last year was one of the happiest days of that year for me!

DebD said...

I completely agree about the PJs. I used to be pretty frustrated about that too. Your daughter's look very comfy.

Many years to the newly Illumined. Congratulations.

Anastasia said...

Congratulations! Many years to your newly illumined godson. As we also so in Greece, panta Axia meaning always worthy for you the dear godmother!

The pants are so lovely. I wish I knew how to sew!!!