March 7, 2012

Yarn along...slowly but surely.

Last week I finished the back of the little red vest (atop the books under the skein of yarn) and started on the front...

It's coming along nicely, I think I'll be done by next week's Yarn Along!

We're still reading the Bible. I love Genesis...and so do my girls. I got an awesome book from the library called One-Yard Wonders, filled with instructions of how to make things from a dog bed to a handbag or flirty skirt with just 1 yard of fabric. I am also reading a book written in 1949 called Nineteen Eighty-Four by Eric Blair (published under the pseudonym George Orwell), a very political book, government watching everything you do. Big Brother is watching you. Scary that this is the way our country may be going. Have you read it?

P.S. The results from the primary polls here in Ohio show that 37% of the people pick Rick Santorum and 38% of the votes went for Mitt Romney. A little disappointing, in my opinion.


Lee Ann said...

Congrats on your progress with the vest!

Shelley said...

You would probably enjoy reading about Genesis on Alice Linsley's blog, Just Genesis.