June 29, 2012

Largest tax increase in the world...

Yesterday was a day of history.  Not the kind of history I'm proud of...sadly.  In America, the healthcare reform has passed and with that the largest tax increase in the world!  As you may know, there will also be penalties if you don't buy health insurance now and the IRS will be collecting your hard earned $ if you choose not to do what they command!!!  I wish this was still the land of the free....and we were able to make our own decisions. 

I do not have a doctor.  I haven't gone to the doctor in over 2 years now (if one doesn't go every 2 years minimum, they take you off their list of patients, and you will have to try to find a new doctor), since I had my appendix out...  Yet, I do have health insurance.  What a waste of money, though!  I eat a healthy diet, exercise and do not surround myself with cigarette smoke or other health hazards and do not need to visit the doctor.  If I am sick, I rest in bed...drink hot tea and nurse myself back to health, with God's help.  God is the only real doctor anyhow.

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