June 11, 2012

A little baby shower ♥

My sister, Mary, and her husband, Andrey, who live in Canada met us at Lake Erie this past week...they are expecting their first baby August 7th.  My parents and all my sisters and all the grandchildren stayed in a house right on the lake...16 of us, ages 67, 61, 39, 37, 34, 33, 31, 31, 27, 10, 9, 6, 4, 2, 2, 5 months and one on the way.  So Sunday after church, we had a little baby shower...
We made her name (to hang on the wall in her room) as a gift for their baby girl...I started cutting out the letters on the scroll saw in our garage, and then it started acting funny, so Rob checked it out, all that vibration had stripped out a screw, so he ran to the hardware store and got a new one, replaced it and meanwhile I was inside decorating cupcakes and stuff...Rob finished it.  Then Rob, Hannah, Olivia and I sat on the front porch and painted each letter pink. 
She got a Boppy pillow with cherries on it from Marina and her Godson, Michael.  Hannah took notes of who gave what gifts, so Mary can write "thank you" notes.

I have a list of the gifts that we got when I was expecting Hannah, in her baby book, we still look back at that and remember all those kind and generous people.  ♥
 My 2 year old niece, Natalia, has a gift for Aunt Mary.
My parents were there, father has been doing pretty well, lately.  It must be everyone's prayers.  ♥  My mom has to help him a lot, the evenings are most difficult, as that's when the Parkinson's dyskinesia sets in the worse.  She ends up feeding him dinner most nights, massaging his legs, that twist and turn, often kicking her, and trying to get him comfortable, but they are managing.  Lately, Dad likes to watch the Andy Griffith show on Netflix.  He still loves to eat sweets, too, and had quite a few at the baby shower.
 Paul and Eugene...some cool teenagers who come to our church!!!
Paul's mom, Luba, with Mary...and the best picture of her baby bump so far.  Kathy gave her that yellow chewbeads necklace, it is a teething necklace! Isn't that so fashionable and cool?
Opening more gifts...
A snowsuit...I know she'll need that in Canada in the winter!
Cupcakes, fresh fruit and baby carriage cookies that my sister, Susanna, made...
The back of a quilt that Susanna made...and below, you can see the front!
Bethany knit her a very soft white hat...everyone wanted to feel it.
Thank you to everyone for your prayers as my sister and her husband wait to welcome their baby, Elizabeth into this world!


elizabeth said...

how wonderful! yay!!!

Mimi said...

How fun indeed! What a way to celebrate the new little one.

mamashara said...

Beautiful! Baby showers are such a blessing :)I love seeing the photos of your family! I have a big extended family as well and I love it!