August 8, 2012


  • the first feather is from Nutmeg (our Rhode Island Red who is a little over a year old, molting for her first time, been 3 weeks already)
  • the second feather is from Pepper (our 11 week old Barred Rock)
  • the third feather is from Cinnamon (our 11 week old Araucana, born May 21, 2012)
Every Wednesday, I follow this yarn along and sometimes I'm actually working on something, crochet or knit, but not right now.  Today it's something especially interesting.......her husband is knitting!  I doubt Rob would pick up yarn and delve in, but I'm glad he enjoys gardening, watering, harvesting, sowing new lettuce seeds...
I ordered these bicycle pins from Joscie in Hawaii.  I ♥ them.  I went for a bike ride (alone) Saturday, just 2 miles.  Then, Olivia and I went for a bike ride yesterday.  We stopped to see some people in our neighborhood, Bob and Carol.  Carol has had Parkinson's disease for 20 years now and thankfully is still pretty independent.  We talked to Bob for quite a while, neither he nor Carol can drive right now, Bob just had hernia surgery! 
As you know, my father has Parkinson's disease.  It's been 9 years.  This past June, family and friends joined us as we walked a 5k to benefit Parkinson's research.  In exactly a month, September 8th (a day before my dad's 62nd birthday) there is a 40k bike ride for Parkinson's that I'm's a LONG ride.  Do you think I can do it?
 Nutmeg in the watermelon patch (Cinnamon and Pepper behind her)...
 Olivia is feeding Pepper and Cinnamon some mozzarella.
Lusy seems to like the chickens...if anything she might be a little afraid of them, or at least she is kind, giving them space.

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Lori ann said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your father, my fil has parkinson's too. i think it's awesome you did that walk and yes! i think you can do the ride. i would do it with you if i lived nearby.
love all your photos martha, those chicken feathers are so pretty!