August 31, 2012

Our self-portraits

A gentle way to start off the school year...with a mirror and some art supplies.  The previous post was meant as inspiration, so that YOU or your children may want to make self-portraits. I think it's a really neat way to document your growth (artistically), if you do one each year!
Now you've seen the self-portraits that Olivia and Hannah drew, from 2009, 2010, 2011 and the one in the lower right is from August 2012...and finally, a few that I did:
♥  And if you do self-portraits, please add a link in the comments so that we can see yours!

P.S. Don't forget to look out in the sky tonight....a full moon, that many call a "blue moon," because it's the 2nd full moon in August!


Jeannette said...

I like them and they are an interesting window ...the growth is fun to see from year to year in the children's. Yours are sophisticated!

Laura Wilson said...

These are great! I love the different themes from year to year. It's neat how the hair styles stay kinda the same. :)

I love the construction paper, too! I think I'll have to give that one a try when we start school soon.

Here's a link to my daughter's family portrait earlier this year: