September 26, 2012

yarn along ♥ making a beard & baking

yep...making a beard, out of yarn!  Saturday we greeted the turn of the season, with a day at the apple orchard.  Happy fall, everyone!  I baked 2 apple pies.  I made the crusts, 1 with unbleached white wheat flour and 1 with gluten-free flour (made of rice, tapioca, potato starch, guar gum).  And last week I posted that I was looking for some gluten-free recipes.
The first batch (on the right) I made (just using almond meal instead of flour in the recipe) was yummy, but too gooey.  The second batch (on the left) turned out nicely, I used the all-purpose flour from gluten free pantry.  We topped them with whipped cream and raspberries!
These are the 2 recipes I used...made savory crepes with salami and swiss, yellow tomatoes from our backyard and chives atop.
 While waiting for friends to come at the apple orchard...tree climbing.

This is about 20 pounds of melrose apples at my feet.  The price has gone up this year to $1.00/pound, in the past we paid half that price.  Then, we picked some golden delicious.
We paid a total of $49 for all these apples. 49 pounds...I counted all of them 99.
Anyhow, if your face is cold, keep warm with a yarn beard (my husband has a handsome beard that God gave him)...I'm using these crochet instructions: 
I sewed 4 buttons onto the corners so that I could attach it to a hat and take it off.  I know I look like a daughter said I need to wear sunglasses, too.


elizabeth said...

fun baking! very nice! it is too bad apples are more costly - the drought really hit the farmers this year...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the beard! That is awesome! Luckily my inlaws let us raid their non sprayed trees this year. We have been making apple pancakes, so good!

Mama Shara said...

wow! you make a handsome man!! I wish we had apple picking nearby! My boys go through around 4kg of apples a fortnight! I have been enjoying experimenting with almond flour and coconut flour, but not alot of success stories so far :)

Lori ann said...

hee hee, funny. i want to go apple picking now!

Anonymous said...

So funny, love the beard! :)

Katharina said...

I wouldn't know what to do with a beard like this but it sure looks so funny... maybe something for Carnival or Halloween?