December 5, 2012

Homemade #1: Oranges and cloves

Everyday we are baking or making something special.  It's nice to see what everyone else is doing, to get inspiration for fun things we can do together, on Pinterest (which is mostly just links to crafty things on blogs)...and I'm on a budget. 
Homemade gifts and decorations and food ♥  You can do these with your children.  In my experience, I have found that open-ended activities are much more interesting, allow for creativity and learning!  I am not one who likes or encourages worksheets or colouring books.  Give a young child a blank sketchbook, instead, and what you'll see and hear will be wonderful stories full of imagination!!!
 To make this pomander, you'll need:
  • oranges
  • whole cloves
Simply push the pointy end of the clove into the orange!  The end result is a pretty and fragrant orange you can put on your mantel, as we did, or tie with a string or ribbon and hang it up, or place them on a dish or bowl in the center of your dining room table for a centerpiece.


Antonia said...

It is my first time visiting your blog and it is wonderful! However just a quick question... Does one eat or juice the orange after or is it simply for decoration?

Martha said...

Just for decoration, but it also smells wonderful. I suppose one could eat it a day or two after you make it. ♥
If it's in a place where it gets enough air, it will dry out and become small and brown....or else it may get moldy after a week.