December 17, 2012

Jungle Jim's

Jungle Jim's is an international market near can buy caviar ($25.99-$41.99) and serve it on Swedish rye crackers ($7.49)...sounds SO good together, but a bit expensive!
 For dessert, maybe try some green bean popsicles:
And what a selection of hookahs!  We seriously had so much fun there.  I can't wait to go back.  I bought a big bag of coriander seed for just $2.29 and lots of coconut milk (just $1 for a 13.5 oz. can).  I bought a friend a nice Wusthof knife (made in Germany), all of her knives were quite dull the last time I helped her chop in the kitchen.  I got a Ritter dark chocolate marzipan bar for Dad.
Quite a cultural experience!

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Anna said...

It was a lovely outing - what a great store! Thanks for going with us : )