December 3, 2012

Sewing with scraps...

Little ornaments I sewed using fabric scraps!  
Check out this giveaway to get this beautiful quarter-yard fabric bundle to sew your own:
I was inspired by this:
P.S. We got 2 eggs over the weekend....nothing from Cinnamon, yet (she'll lay the blue-green), one I'm pretty sure is from Nutmeg and the other a first egg from Pepper, as there is a little blood on it.  Poor dear.  I hope next time is easier for her.  ♥


Anna said...

Adorable little ornaments! What a lovely idea : )

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I love the bird.
We are now getting about 8 eggs a day. Always exciting when we find more!

Mama Shara said...

The ornaments are so sweet! x

elizabeth said...

beautiful craft! and yay for the eggs!