December 12, 2012

Yarn along: little Christmas gifts

I've made some big shawls...but now I'm crocheting little matching shawls for their dolls, for Christmas gifts.  Join in the "Yarn along" here!
I picked up "Wheat Belly" at the library and "The World We Found," at the library today.

I just finished reading "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry.  What an interesting book!  Many horrible things that happened in India in the 1970s make me appreciate our life.  There were parts that were wonderful...the main characters, Dina, Ishvar, Narayan, and Maneck cooking together, laughing, like a family.  ♥

It made me want to try Indian recipes.  Yesterday I made parippu (a lentil curry with coconut milk), and ate it with homemade pita (I will try making chapati soon, basically the same, one is baked in the oven, the other cooked on the stove top)...and today I made chana masala (chickpeas, ginger, garlic, onions, etc.) and we ate it with rice and potatoes & carrots.  My girls would like me to serve food on banana leaves, as they do in India.  So many wonderful vegan Indian recipes!

Last year, I read "Life of Pi."  Now, it's been made into a movie.  Another story of people from India, who are out at sea, on their way to Canada, when their ship sinks...what happens as Pi struggles out at sea?


heather said...

I love Indian food. SO yummy!!!! But I only have one adventurous eater of my three children, so I don't get it as much now!

A friend of mine read Wheat Belly and really liked it! She saw big changes following the rules of it (and is already a very healthy eater). I'm not willing to give up wheat yet though. :-)

elizabeth said...

books really can turn us towards new things, hey? I am thinking of making an Indian dish of sorts soon here...

Anna said...

I love good vegan Indian food! Maybe you could post your Pirrapu (sp?) recipe? Sounds wonderful!