December 27, 2013

First week of winter...

 A bit of merry-making and music...
My dad's little sister, Sarah, and her 4 year son have been in town this week, all the way from Vermont.  She is musically talented, plays the guitar, flute and sings...she taught Hannah a few new songs, including "I can see clearly now the rain is gone."

We had a good amount of snow before it was officially winter and then warm weather rolled in and lots of rain...but the past few day have been lovely and sunny.
 Olivia working on her rainbow bracelet loom...given to her from a karate friend.
We took our family visiting from Vermont and New York to see our new church!  There has been a lot of joy in being together.
Then, we headed north to spend time visiting with Rob's folks.  He cut up a fallen tree. 
I just heard that my Aunt Valerie in New York was admitted to the hospital today, she has congestive heart failure.  Please say a prayer for her. 
And little Sofia today ♥  (this is like the Russian and Ukrainian version of Facebook, where her parents update her current status:  She had another stroke since I last posted an update...and is now unable to see!  I babysat for her little brother Timothy on Dec. 25th.  Many people have helped, by taking a day this week...  I am  thankful to have such a great community of people in our parish, who drop everything in their life to help out this family in need.


Melanie said...

Lord have mercy!

elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy! We are praying.