December 11, 2013


We got more snow this week!  That's our car covered in it...
There is Olivia in the midst of shoveling Peepaw and Grammie's driveway.
Afterwards, we went to pick a friend up and go sledding...
We packed 2 stainless steel flasks with hot chamomile lavender tea...and some dark chocolate from Trader Joe's for a mid-sledding snack.

I blanched my own almonds (4 cups of them, I got a 16 oz. bag of them at Trader Joe's for $4.99), by letting them sit in a bowl of boiling water for a minute and then pouring the water out and removing the skins.  It took me a full hour!
My old Hamilton Beach food processor (which was given to us USED by an elderly man from church, after his wife passed away), which was probably 15-20 years old, stopped working a couple of months ago.  Finally, this past Saturday, we got a NEW Hamilton Beach one for $49.99 at shreds, slices and purees.  I use it to shred cheese & carrots often and also want to use it like a blender to make smoothies. 

The snowballs were good, but still too wet and squishy, didn't set up nicely.  I just used vanilla extract instead of amaretto, maybe that's why they didn't seem great.

I made a second batch and used "Just Cashew Meal" ($5.99/16 oz. bag of simply ground raw cashews) from Trader Joe's in place of the coconut in this recipe (I like that it called for maple syrup instead of icing, and I think the coconut oil helped it firm up a bit better)...I rolled those in confectioner's sugar, instead of shredded coconut so they looked the same. 
Cute new flannel bedsheets with Russian matroshka dolls on them, from Target!


elizabeth said...

what a lovely sunny day with snow! how delightful! cooking and baking is always fun, including trying new things! a lot of loveliness here! :)

Apseed I said...

Looks like the perfect winter day!
Hot tea outside sounds like bliss.

GretchenJoanna said...

Those sheets are darling! The sledding and tea and coconut balls...lovely winter things...Thanks for the recipes!

Matushka said...

I love the sheets! In fact I got some for the girls for Nativity after seeing your post!

Hope your Nativity season is lovely.


Martha said...

That's awesome! ♥ I'm sure your girls will love them...cozy flannel and SO cute.