December 2, 2013

St. Herman's

 All the icons in the church of St. Herman in Lake Odessa, Michigan are painted by the priest's wife, Darya Carney.  She gave us prints of the icon of Saint Herman of Alaska that she painted to share with the families in our parish. 
Beautiful icon of the Mother of our Lord.  

Father Michael is given a new cross by Bishop Peter from Martha Pavlovna on Vimeo.
After the service, we had lunch together.  Everyone was so welcoming and friendly.  There were several performances, Father Michael played the guitar and these three sisters sang:
Father Michael is very musically talented.
He played the banjo and accompanied two young boys who sang "In the highways, in the hedges I'll be somewhere a workin' for my Lord."

I'll be working for my Lord from Martha Pavlovna on Vimeo.

One of the girls there is also an Irish dancer!  She danced beautifully, reel in soft shoe and then a hornpipe song in her hard shoes, and kept on going even when the CD player accidentally stopped!
Then, my husband got his mandolin out of the car and he and Father Michael played (the banjo) together.  ♥


elizabeth said...

oh, how lovely! we were there on Thanksgiving! What a blessing to see Fr. M. get his cross! It is such a beautiful little church, isn't it?

WendyLady@GoodBooks said...

Those prints are beautiful! And what a talented family you have!! :)

Jennifer Bliss said...

I love all of the flags in the background :)