December 2, 2013


We went to Grand Rapids, Michigan for 3 days for the oireachtas, an Irish dancing competition.  Hannah in her hard shoes...she danced "Jockey to the Faire," a traditional set dance.  There were over 100 girls in her age group (under 12, as of January 1st, 2013) and only she and one other girl did that particular dance, but she was not recalled. 
Olivia and Rob before she danced "St. Patrick's day" another traditional set Irish dance.  We were not allowed to take any videos or pictures of the girls on stage.
Hannah is also part of an 8-hand ceili team.  So she switched from the red curls to a brunette...and we thought she looked quite pretty.  The moms took turns doing the girls make-up, to look uniform.  The mom in the picture above did all the blue eyeliner, for example.
Putting on their soft shoes.  And ready to dance!!!

 Can you tell which one is Hannah?

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