February 26, 2014

My new nephew

Yesterday, we woke up to a little snow on the ground and sunshine.  I felt like it was a beautiful did I know it was going to be even MORE wonderful?  About 8am we heard my sister was in labor...a little later she had her 4th baby...she and her husband waited to find out if it was a boy or girl, so it was a complete surprise to all of us to find out that after having 3 beautiful girls, they now have a boy!!!
Juliana who is the oldest holding her little brother.  She was so helpful, laying out all the outfits, seeing what would fit him and then carefully folding them all up.
Natasha the youngest, was a little unsure, but now she seems to just adore him...
Emma also had a few turns to hold him.  Can you see he's trying to open his eyes in this picture?  She especially loves rubbing his soft hair.
This was morning at my house...a few new eggs with pretty feathers and dusting of snow.  Pepper looks at me as she lays her egg.  I think she may be trying to hatch an egg, she doesn't know it will never happen because there is no rooster around...but it's cute.
Juliana by some of her artwork, I told her she'll need to add another little person, a boy!
 We went to the park to play.
Drawing with oil pastels and making stuff using the Rainbow Loom.
He is yawning!  All the girls adore everything he does...  His name is Timothy John ♥


Anna@stuffedveggies said...


elizabeth said...

so wonderful and such beautiful pictures!! may God bless this little boy!!!

Mimi said...

What a wonderful day indeed! Welcome, little one! We are so glad you are here!

GretchenJoanna said...

What a joy! It looks like your family needed a boy :-)

Apseed I said...

Wonderful news!!! Oh that baby's's absolutely adorable!