February 1, 2014

Happy February!

 Olivia and I made a garland of hearts.  Happy February!  ♥  Not only this month, but all year around, we should show our love for one another.  
"Love one another"
-John 13:34
Sometimes it's hard, relatives who live far away, or friends who don't seem to make an effort to get together or do something that may upset you.  It's not easy for me to forgive and just love...instead I turn to those who are kind to me, and reciprocate their kindness.  Any helpful advice on how to "love your enemies"?  Although I don't have any enemies, there are people who are more difficult to love.
 Hannah...kissing Velvet...our black kitty. 
Velvet is one of those...tough love types, she will accept your affection, purr, purr...and then swipe her paw at you when she's had enough and leave you with a scratch.  I don't understand her.
Yesterday I saw that Shutterfly is giving 10 FREE cards, I had already made some and ordered them, so I immediately took another photo on the same card that I had saved and am going to be getting 10 more send to those I love the very most.

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elizabeth said...

Yes, I struggle with this too; it is hard to admit to one's self that one does not have the love that Christ wishes us to have; I am not sure how to overcome it but know that Christ is the Source of the love I need...

Anonymous said...

It's easy to love people, not necessarily the things they do, or who they are, but recognizing them as God's children.
-Lori Keith

Michelle M. said...

I completely understand, and I know that I fall into that category, too. The last few years of my life have been incredibly overwhemling and I haven't been there for people that I should. My husband always tries to remind me, when I am feeling upset, that we don't know what is going on in the other person's life. It helps to breed a more forgiving nature, but it does not come naturally to me!