March 20, 2014


Yesterday we made chapati.  We followed this recipe:
And will be making them again!  Very simple and delicious (best warm off the pan). 
I have a wonderful memory of my Uncle Jim sitting on the kitchen floor rolling out chapati in their Massachusetts kitchen when I was a child.  My Aunt Ellen and Uncle Jim were in Ohio this week.  That's what spurred my desire to make them, recollecting that first time I had chapati...
Aunt Ellen gave us a copy of Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian as a gift.  I look forward to trying many recipes in that cookbook!
Uncle Jim played several pieces on guitar for was especially beautiful by Fernando Sor.
This is my dad's sister, Aunt Ellen, with her husband Jim and our girls and Rob.  It's also the day we celebrate my dad's "namesday" as when he was baptised he chose St. Paul the Simple as his patron saint. 

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