March 31, 2014

Spring in Ohio

I made more cards last week for Pascha, the feast of our Lord's Resurrection.  I left some of them blank so that you can color them in as you wish, or let your children help color.  Check them out in my etsy shop:
Friday our homeschool co-op went to the Krohn Conservatory, which is a giant greenhouse, and was so humid in the rainforest room that my camera lens kept fogging up, hence this fuzzy group photo:
One of the boys reaches toward a cacoa pod!  That's our chocolate starts off...pretty cool, huh?
The main room was Avant-Garde theme, lots of glass flowers and bowls in bold colors.
 In the cacti room, isn't this aloe stunning?
This is in the bonsai room! 
My friend, Anya, took this picture of some of us after church yesterday.  You can see 5 year old Sofia in her wheelchair and my Godson, 1 year old Timothy in his mom's arms. Her husband was working with the other men helping to assemble the new playground!  My daughter Hannah holding my nephew Timothy, who is now a month old!


elizabeth said...

looks like a neat field trip! beautiful! glad to see the cards and your church/family picture! :)

Anna@stuffedveggies said...

Lots of great pictures! Thanks for sharing : )

Laura Wilson said...

I love the cards! How pretty.