March 6, 2014

Sofia is 5

Our dear friends from church celebrating Sofia's 5th birthday together on Tuesday.  Please pray for her as she is having another surgery tomorrow, they will put healthy blood vessels from the top of her head into the part of her brain that was damaged from the stroke, so they can grow and repair.
Sofia and her grandma (or "babushka") who came from Ukraine to help out in January.  She leaves in a couple of weeks.
 Another dear family, little 1 year old Ksenia has an enlarged heart and is also in need of prayers.
Opening birthday gifts.  We gave her jeggings (you know soft jeans/leggings) and a teal blouse with stars on it:
I ♥ this picture...Sofia with her Ariel cupcakes and her mama and grandma with strawberries!
 The whole family:
It was truly a happy birthday.  The best thing was seeing little Sofia smile, as everyone sang happy birthday to her.  There is a lot of love here.  ♥


elizabeth said...

May God bless her! What a trial she is undergoing! May God keep her and all of her family safe! I am glad for the special times!

Anonymous said...

My prayers for your dear little friend and also for Ksenia.


Apseed I said...

Praying for this little girl!
And what a beautiful birthday! Best wishes to her from our little family!