March 27, 2014

Making scarves

A friend of ours showed us these pretty scarves she's been making.  Super easy and pretty ruffle scarves like this awesome tutorial.  I think she puts 4 or 5 loops on the hook before pulling it through, we did 7.  If you try this, you can do whatever look you like best, the more loops, the more fluffy your scarf will be.
So this is "art class" today.  This is the yarn (I ♥ Hobby Lobby) that Olivia is using:
 See how it stretches into a mesh?
And she just finished it!


elizabeth said...

very cute!!! :) love the colours! :)

Mimi said...

Ohhh, very cute indeed

Jeannette said...

So good to know how to make things...especially when your momma teaches you!

GretchenJoanna said...

Your girls are lucky you can teach them to make pretty things - I love the photo of crocheting on the bed :-)

(Could you update my blog's URL in your sidebar list so that it will update? Thanks!)