January 22, 2016


My sister gave us a mini mushroom farm kit. This photo I took early this's grown so much overnight!
 This photo I took yesterday. 
Hannah during piano lessons...that's my sister's dog under the piano bench.  Every Tuesday, Tina comes to their house for piano lessons, for my 2 oldest nieces, and so we go there, too, for Hannah's piano lessons.  She is also taking voice lessons from Tina, she's already feeling she can hit the high notes, as a result.  
 Creative time!
 My nieces busy painting tiny pots, while
their 1 year old brother takes a nap!
Rob making homemade pasta.
Olivia really wants our cat, Velvet, to like Paul.  She just doesn't seem to care about him, but loves hanging out in his bedroom (she was sleeping in his crib, whenever he wasn't) and now on his sheepskin rug.  Soon, she will love him, when he starts dropping food from the high chair.  ♥


gretchenjoanna said...

Heartwarming family pictures and stories <3

Jeannette said...

Mushrooms and high notes with puppies and cats...there is lots to do on winter days.

Heather said...

What fun and busy times you're having! Its so fun when your kids start finding their talents and interests. My girl started taking choir lessons and loves it. Which I can admire because I cant sing at ALL!
And yes, the kitty will love the baby once he starts dropping the food ;) our dogs go right for the high chair whenever we let them out of their crate ;)