January 8, 2016


 My nephew who is going to be 2 in February.
What a great little smile! 
 A year and a half year they'll
really doing stuff together.  In the background, the kids were all making noise, enjoying being together.  My husband played Christmas carols on the mandolin.
 Reading a new book!
The girls coloring...even I got an "adult" coloring book, with fine details of various different kinds of flowers.
 Grammie time together.
 Paul got a fox for a gift.
 We sewed some bibs for gifts for his little friends.
 And poured beeswax candles to give, wrapped in felt wool remnants from Pendleton Wool that can be used as a mug cozy, too.
 My 10 year old niece crocheted this hat as a gift for Paul.  That pink pacifier is Paul's favorite.
All ready to head to church for the Nativity of Christ.


Jeannette said...

Your family has grown...blessings in the New Year!

Apseed I said...

I know it's late (I'm not a good reader of blogs right now), but I hope you had a very beautiful Nativity!!!! And we have the same high chair for Varvara.
And I hope you're enjoying your Mr. Fox:)