January 13, 2016

We finally got snow!

It snowed here.  The grass isn't completely covered, but it's pretty.  Paul and I went for a little walk in the snow yesterday. 
I love how my niece is dresses, she's such a little lady.
Paul's first time sitting in the high chair, with a blanket and pillow for support.
My nephew sleeping, he is the one who we get so many clothes from...he's a year older than Paul.
Today, we went to the Red Balloon play cafe.  The girls created...  Then played, even little Paul got involved.
These two cousins are such good friends.  Just 2 years apart.
I hope you're keeping warm!


Jeannette said...

The children ( and their mommas) are all so beautiful.

elizabeth said...

love seeing these pictures!!! and Mary too! Miss you all!

Martha said...

Yes, nice to see Mary! ♥