January 6, 2016


We made 2016 bread to go with spaghetti for lunch on Jan. 1st with one of the kid's cousins, who spent the night!  There's nothing like spending time together with family and friends.
Paul got some little boats, which we tried on as shoes, for fun...he has taken a few baths with his new boats.  My oldest daughter, Hannah bought me this beautiful sweater, while we were in Portland.
We celebrate Christmas twice...once on Dec. 25th and again on Jan. 7th (which is Dec. 25th on the old calendar)!  That's tomorrow!  Here is one of my favorite homemade gifts we got, this ornament has tiny letters sewn on for each one of us, plus a little bird, mandolin, flower, teapot and heart - 5 symbols that represent each member of our family.  ♥ 

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WendyLady@GoodBooks said...

Merry Christmas - again - to you. :)