February 12, 2008

Snow day!

Today, was a "snow" day! It's actually more ice, plus just an inch of snow. It was nice to have a day off. I can't find my camera...I'm sure it's around here somewhere, but I wanted to share this photo of Olivia, she's smiling, because she just put her coat on and was going to play, when I told her that her hood was by her bottom!

I got my Longaberger order. Such fabulous huge cappuccino mugs, which are going into a lovely large basket for the auction Feb. 22nd at the Russian Winter's Night, a fundraiser for our church! We are planning a ground-breaking very soon, probably this May! The building we are in right now is sufficient, but small. My little sister is going to get married in September, for example, and needs to find a place for the reception, it would be great if it could be where the wedding will be, but we don't have enough space!

Sunday is the night our family will watch television. On PBS there are usually (when they're not doing fundraising) some good shows: Nova is usually interesting, WILD is great, Nature is always fabulous and then after that, there is something I usually like....Foyle's War (a few months ago), Miss Marple and recently, films based on books by Jane Austen. The 1st in the Pride and Prejudice series was on, and it's just great, Darcy who is cold, yet attracted to Lizzy, and she always has something great to say to him, when he is being a jerk! Although this looks interesting, I think it may be a bit risqué. Not like Austen's romantic and modest books.

Oh, we learned about the Red Knot (a small bird that migrates from Chile to the Artic) and the Horse Shoe Crab (which has blue blood, did you know that?). There are many controversies surrounding their lives, which are possible in danger.

This mug cosy looks so cute. I wish I could knit better. It's something small, so I will work on it, and probably finish! I'm participating in a swap, but I am crocheting...and I need to get them in the mail, as soon as possible! Why do I always wait til the last minute to finish things??


JO said...

Blue blood ? that's intriguing ! well, we are not 100%, the little one's fever came back today & dad is sick. Oh man ! I'm glad you got a DAY OFF, you need it. How are you ? I like those basket things & mug coozies.

inara said...

very cute pic of your daughter!!!

Chrispea said...

Cute mug. I wish I could knit or crochet. I got tagged, so I'm tagging you... go check out my blog for the details! ;-)