February 19, 2008


Right now, I have a batch of banana bread muffins baking away. I have a few friends who can't eat wheat-gluten and I don't know what I would do if I had an allergy like that!!! Yesterday was President's Day and so, I didn't have to work. My sister and her daughters came over and we had this scrumptious tortellini dish for lunch, along with meatball soup that she brought. It was an odd day, it snowed a lot, but nothing stayed because it had been so warm, it looked like a blizzard and then the clouds receded and the sun peeked out and then it snowed more, etc.

Saturday, we went to a gun show. I didn't know what to expect, but Rob said that women and children were free, so we went. I like to spend time together as a family when we have the chance! They had some really old things.
Hannah wore her cowboy boots and was really interested in the spurs we saw there. We found a nice silver and jasper ring for her instead. Olivia fell asleep on Rob's shoulder and I took a turn with her, she's too big to ride in a stroller, but like a 30 lb. sack of potatoes! Rob ended up buying a Russian rifle made in 1946 for just $100. I have to admit it's pretty cool. Sunday, he went to a friend's house and shot targets with it!

It's been warmer, so we've been spending more time outside! The girls beg each day to go ride bikes. I actually have to run beside them. Pretty soon, I'll be riding my bike along with them, but I feel more comfortable if I can devote my attention to them, instead of my bike! Rob and Olivia are watching Hannah ride (without training wheels)!!!

We just got back from Target. I was looking for a nice breakfast tray (for one of the baskets I'm helping to put together for Russian Winter's Night) and ended up buying a lot of other little things... sweaters for my nieces for $2.50 each (they have hearts on them, all the valentines day stuff was 75% off), picture frames, Play-Doh (on sale, I thought I'll save them for party favors), and more...
My sweethearts! XOXOXO


inara said...

oh the yumminess...I wish I cooked and baked, and that I had a husband who would actually eat more than like 2 or 3 foods (Pizza, hamburgers, and ummmm...oh yeah, nachos!!!) :(

Mimi said...

Oooh, that does sound scrumptious. We always joke about tortellini from an old Calvin and Hobbes where he throws a fit about "Tortellini, I HATE tortellini" and the next panel shows him looking it up in the dicitonary.

KJ-Starre said...

Hi are all looking beautiful (luv the pic's)!

Tersh had a wheat intolerance for almost killed him, while the doctors tried to find out what what was wrong with him. Once we knew what the problem was we decided it is God's will for us to share communion together which involves bread & that a wheat allergy certainly wasn't His will. So we prayed, held hands & took communion together. Tersh was healed of the allergy from that moment onwards, 6 years later he happily eats anything he wants.

Cool hey! God is so good!

I am glad it is getting warmer...staying inside all the time is so hard for any kiddie.

Cookie Teacher said...

Yeah.....We should go for tea at the BonBonerrie(SPELLING?). Maybe sometime in March! It is something I've always wanted to do. Gotta wait until my Good camera is back from getting fixed. I can't wait :D


Julie, aka Scrapperdays said...

Hey Lady!
I liked those Proverbs cards that you posted on CK today. I would have left you a comment, but for some reason I can only comment as Julie Smith instead of Scrapperdays, and I thought you might wonder who the heck I was!

Petronia said...

the girls' dance pose is priceless :)
Hey, kj-starre, that is such a neat story about Tersh's allergy. Glory to God!

JO said...

The girls are doing a BALLET BOW w/ their hearts, that is so CUTE ! who's idea was that ?