July 16, 2008

A 1st birthday party...

My niece, Emmelia, turned 1 early this morning. She started walking a month ago and has quite a few teeth. One the way there, Olivia asked me if she will now talk. Wouldn't it be cool if one day you could just do something completely new? I'm sure she comprehends more than we know. Her daddy is making sasparilla in the photo above!
*Lots more photos (check out the photostream on "Flickr" on the right)!
The days have been hot...this is what we've been doing to keep cool.
Funny alien-thingie at the park next to our community pool.


Lisa B. said...

Looks like the perfect childhood summertime memories in the making!! Ahh the pool!! :)

JO said...

I love your garden, the BLUMEN (flowers)& VEGGIES. Your veggies look amazing ! & also the kids look like they are having LOTS of FUN this summer !

KJ-Starre said...

1 already WOW! that is such a cute age....they start becoming real people & getting involved in things around them. You are right she probably comprehends plenty already.

Love the summery pic's....looks like you are all having a blast.

Loreluca said...

your daughter is just so cute! Love her in the Alien thingy! and holding her ice cream, just adorable. Beautiful age! They do kind of learn something new each day!