December 5, 2008


We made a paper chain for each day in December up until January 7th, when we celebrate the Lord's Nativity. December 25th (we call it "American Christmas") has a white paper link, so we know that's a special day, too. We have quite a bit of family that celebrates then.

Progresso soup is on sale this week at our local IGA (3 for $4, regularly it's $2.49 per can). So we stocked up on them. Their lentil soup is great...and vegan, I added chopped carrots and spinach to make it healthier and served it with bread. Yum!
Not sisters, nor mother and daughter, but could very well pass for sister and niece!

Hannah playing "Merrily we roll along, " on the piano. I told the teacher our difficulties and she will let us pay for 1 student, but both of them take lessons, for the present. I
think bartering is a great idea and will have to propose that to her!


Petronia said...

I love the paper chain idea and I like how you marked Dec 25 (none of my family is Orthodox). we might have to do the same, esp since it is something my girl could help make. Thanks for the idea!

Also, very cool about the piano lessons! Congrats.

DebD said...

the paper chain is such a sweet idea. The Lentil Soup looks yummy!

Pres. Kathy said...

The paper chain idea is neat. I will have to save it for when my little guy is older. Thanks!

Petronia said...

How do you keep track of the days? By tearing off a ring every day? Or do you have premade strips that you add to the chain?
Thx :)

Loreluca said...

So sweet making the chains! Catholics celebrate epiphany on the 6th of January, but still Christmas on the 25th.
Love the two for one class. Our teacher kept cancelling or we would, so Coco left her lessons for the time being. I hope to find another one soon!

soakley said...

I made a paper chain last night, and had to make it myself because Juliana crazy (I let her have chocolate for dessert)! We're going to tear one off everyday, and I marked Christmas's and St. Nicholas day so the girls know when to expect some presents!

Emily R. said...

I've been meaning to make a paper chain like this! I did one a few years ago. On each link was a fun activity to do. For example, "Make Cookies today to bring to work tomorrow!" and "Make something to decorate the house" Another was "Put $5 in the Salvation Army can at the Grocery store!"

Did you get some show up there?

job listings said...

hey I love the paper chain what an idea

Jennifer said...

We went to have "Breakfast with Santa" yesterday, and one of the craft projects we did was a paper chain to countdown to Christmas. It's such a cute idea.