December 12, 2008

Love being busy...

Here are some of the cards I've written...some are handmade, some have a family photo (we didn't get enough of them for everyone), and some are manufactured, but I try to write something personal in each one!

Every morning, we do the Pledge of Allegiance before we begin our homeschooling. I am proud to say we all know it by heart.
I adore these fabric covered boxes from designed Sandi Henderson: She has some great tutorials on there, I'm going to make those ruffled pillows (on the right side bar down a bit) one of these days!

I love turquoise (it's my fav color) and the vibrant red in the center. I just won it in the giveaway on one of my newest friend's blog:
Yippee!!! She's an awesome card maker!
We're hoping to go to Lowe's tomorrow with the girls to make that (they're FREE, at every Lowe's at 10am):
I'm taking one college course at a time right now. I've earned a Bachelor's degree (in fine arts, I focused on painting, which I don't do enough lately) and because I'm working in a pre-school right now, I qualify for a scholarship that pays 80% of my tuiton and book fees! I'm working on getting my CDA (child development associate) certificate. Last night I had to do a presentation in my class and it went really well! I did a 20 page Powerpoint and activity in which the students had to match up the correct countries to the objects I had laid out on the tables (I had my matroshka dolls, a hat from Peru, a Chinese lantern, a German beerstein, a piece of Polish pottery, Japanese chopsticks, a bell from Italy, a dreamcatcher, a teacup and saucer that was made in England, a sari from India). My class is Diversity in Early Childhood, so I was focusing on the beautiful cultural items from different countries, a reason assimilation isn't ideal, we need to preserve our various heritages. If we were all the same, wouldn't life be boring?


Loreluca said...

Can I be green with envy??? That's is such a beautiful bag! I love the color, too, especially the contrast with red!
WOWSERS, MArtha! I can barely survive with the kids, my home office in the morning and the house. I can't even imagine trying to fit in a college degree!!! Congratulations to you!
Sounds like a very nice project you had for your presentation... hope you ACED it!

Pres. Kathy said...

You really are very very busy. The cards are beautiful. I hope all your studies goes well. I worked at a preschool through college and I loved every minute of it. The kids were so much fun. After college, I taught 5 and 6 grade. They were a blast, also. I taught 5th grade in an Orthodox school which was just amazing. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :-) Thanks for mentioning my shop on your blog!

Jennifer said...

Busy busy busy! I understand. Same here. So much to do, so much to want to get around to doing, and it feels like there's never enough time for all of it.

Congrats on winning the bag from Kathy. I love it. It's beautiful.

Petronia said...

Your cards look lovely. I'm also making cards this year, and I'm surprised at how long it takes me to do just one! I too have some back-up manufactured cards in case I can't get them all done in time.

thalia said...

ooh, the bag is soooo cute! congratulations!

Kim Watson said...

Wow! what an interesting post! Your cards look beautiful...anyone would feel special to get one of those in the mail :o)

Well done on the is SOOO cute! I love sewing too but here one just doesn't have access to any pretty fabric...I see Basic Grey are doing their paper designs in fabric now too...they are going to be so pretty.

Fantastic news about your studying...and even better news that you can get a scholarship. I love how you embrace life with both arms :o)

Meadowlark Days said...

I didn't know you're in school! The presentation sounds awesome.

Love your cards! :-) I try to write a personal note in each one, too.

And congrats on the win! It's perfect for you.