December 25, 2010

Celebrating Christmas for 24 days...

I know it is Christmas for many of you and wish you a joyous feast! Being an Orthodox Christian, we follow the Julian or "old calendar," which is 13 days from the Gregorian calendar most of the world follows (so today is actually December 12th). In 2100, there will be 14 days difference.
(photo taken: January 2008)
So...we observe Christmas for 24 days, starting on December 25th, celebrating with my in-laws, opening gifts, 12 days of Christmas then, January 7th is when we really celebrate the Nativity of Christ and break the fast, 12 days of joyful feasting follow!
My parents gave the girls each a Lands' End dress on St. Nicholas day, which was last week for us!
I thought this was so beautifully written by Elizabeth:
"On Sunday, old calendar, we remember St. Herman of Alaska and blessed Lucia, saint of Light. I don't think it is coincidental that they are celebrated near the darkest time of the year... at a time when those of us in the northern countries are longing, longing for a bit of light, they shine out with the uncreated Light of Christ. St. Herman has brought much comfort to me this winter as I have fought the depression that comes with darkness... it is as if I can see him in his frozen Alaskan cave, still, light and angelic music pouring forth. His presence in Alaska is very real.
St. Herman:
St. Lucy:"


elizabeth said...

Same here! 24 days... a little different for me since I am with my protestant family who don't fast... so fasting wise to finish and be able to feast, I start with the new calendar so I can end now but then start again when I get back to Ottawa ... we do what we can...

blessed rest of the feast and at the same time celebreating with your non-Orthodox family!

And what a wonderful other feasts, St. Herman, St. Spyridon, St. Lucia... With the feast!

DebD said...

what a great way to look at it. You're definitely a glass-half-full type of person.