December 13, 2010

Playing with snow indoors

We got about 4 inches of snow lovely. Have you made paper snowflakes? The photo above from Jessica Jones. We've been folding up white cupcake liners in our house and snipping here and there...then taping them onto the window. So pretty.
This morning, at work, I filled up a 2 by 4 foot basin of snow for the kids to play in...
Excuse me, let me clarify, learn through play, because when you see the snow melting, you're learning science:
  • that your warm hand will melt the snow
  • snow is a solid (you can make a snowball) but eventually it will change into a liquid, which has different properties (and will then take the shape of the container it occupies)
  • make predictions on how long it will take the snow to melt into water
  • there are definitely a lot more things one can learn, and we should prompt with quesions like: How can we stop it from melting? If it melts, can we turn it back into snow? Ice?
Yes, that is the table we is perfect (adjustable, very sturdy, washable) along with buckets and shovels. Did you know it costs $750? But we do have the best in our school. This week the kids are practicing singing "Go Tell it on the Mountain that Jesus Christ was Born!"
Last week one student said "Is Jesus His first name and Christ His last name?" and today, my niece asked me the same thing! Very thoughtful little children!!!

P.S. This is one of my favorite books on the subject of snow. What happened to Peter's snowball that was in his pocket overnight?


elizabeth said...

that's nice! good questions the kids asked!

Pres. Kathy said...

I love the snowflake. I think I will make some this week with Niko! What a good idea to put snow in the play area!

stacey said...

Just as long as they don't ask about His middle name;)

The cupcake liners are a GREAT idea- I never thought about that before! I also never read that book before I am gong to need to check that out at the library!

That is a really nice table!

Zoya said...

We use a "trug tub" the low wide one for indoor snow but I bet a kiddie pool would be fun in a garage. (did I mention I found my password? :)