December 20, 2010

Last minute homemade gifts

I'm still making some Christmas gifts...simple, homemade things, like these can make some, too, just ask your kids to help out, or just use cardstock and add a photo. Crocheted hot pads made with 100% wool yarn.

I'm also making ornaments, just cut images from a catalog and glued them to wood and tie a string or ribbon on top.
Make a set of magnets...put a few in a clean old cute.
You can even bake cookies and put them in a tin. Or homemade granola in a jar. My sister just gave us Curried Lentil Soup in a jar! So and green lentils. Tie around the lid with something lovely from Helen Dardik's blog, like these gift tags:


elizabeth said...

beautiful! what good ideas!

Anonymous said...

hi - thanks for stopping by at my blog!

I really like your calendars with your children's art - great idea to enjoy their art all year long! and that skating rink from your last post - fun!

and so cool that I hear my favorite xmas song when I come to your blog!

- greenest stuff (Ottawa)

EmilyRSPS said...

What cute ideas! Those calendars are especially adorable!

Allison said...

great gifts! i love the colors you chose for the potholders. they're so bright and cheerful. the magnets look really cool and the soup sounds delicious.