June 27, 2011

The city pool...

Nearly everyday, sometimes twice a day, we go to the local city pool. That's Olivia (on the right), at the swim meet last Wed. They threatened to close it, but thankfully, enough people wanted to ensure it is something that stays open! Our city supports a (pathetic) football team and building a streetcar (that will supposedly create revenue, but we have buses)...why would they want to close the pool? It's so good for the kids, lots of kids use it. I also love the glad they didn't cut that, too. It costs $10 per child for the summer and I would certainly pay more! We pay $10 for swimming lessons per child, too, that's twice a week for 30 minutes each time for 6 weeks. We've made some new friends & seen our old friends. Above, Hannah going off the diving board, working on her dive (mostly, belly flops....ouch)! We went with my mom to buy the girls Speedo swimsuits at Sam's club for $11-something.

Since we don't have central air, right now, we have a window unit in the upstairs window that we turn on when it's too hot and humid at night...otherwise, we spend most of our time outside and the pool is the best way to keep cool!

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