June 20, 2011

Heading out west...

Every first Sunday of the month, you can go to a festival at the Bakersville seed company in Mansfield, MO. One of the first persons we met was David we are with him on his front porch with his dog:

(click on photo to see it bigger)
Rob took our photo by the Ko Shamo chickens.

So many pretty chickens...Olivia's favorite was that gray Silkie Bantam.

The Baker family can play...and sing! Strong voice out of this little!!! We bought a lot of seeds there, some honey, soap nuts, that purple prairie dress that Hannah is wearing by the trees, etc.


GretchenJoanna said...

I was all confused about where you hail from, so when last month you posted about going west, I thought you must be coming to their store in California. :-)

Marfa said...

Have you been to their store? Really nice folks. Most of them are 7th day adventists...and vegan! I am learning a little about what they believe in... Mainly, I care about growing good vegetables in our backyard!

GretchenJoanna said...

I haven't been there yet, but several friends have, and I saw their gorgeous catalog!
I haven't gone because I cannot squeeze one more plant into my little yard, and hardly grow anything from seed anymore. But if we do move to a bigger and sunnier yard, as we hope to this decade, I'll be right there!

Michelle M. said...

I love the photo of Hannah. I'm happy to read that you had such a nice time.