June 24, 2011

Zion, Bryce and Arches National Park to Colorado...

Next, we drove from Arizona up to Zion National Park, we hiked to the Lower Emerald Pools...can you see the water falling from the rock? The girls spent a lot of time on the bank of the Virgin River, because my right ear was giving me so much pain, I just wanted to lay down...after 24 hours of this, we ended up going to an urgent care. I guess it was too much change in elevation and my ears didn't "pop" ear still doesn't feel right, today. I can't hear that well out of it.
The next morning, we took the shuttle at Zion up to the main lodge, and ate a sumptuous breakfast. Their breakfast buffet is divine: French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy, orange juice, tea, yogurt, granola...and more. It was $10.95 per adult and $5.95 per child. Well worth it!!!
Then, we drove to Bryce National Park...this is Navajo Loop here. The trail zig-zagged down into a narrow corridor of red rocks formed by ice, ages ago. They call the rock that protrudes upward like that a hoo doo. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to Ranger Kevin Poe as he told us about this park and sang, too!
This is the sand dune right across US 191 from Arches National Park...if you look up close, you'll see that little sign says "NO VEHICLES ON DUNE." Well, I sure wouldn't try to drive up that...but we did climb it. It wasn't easy!

We took a break in the middle of the steep dune...the biggest challenge was how HOT the sand was...and a little later in the day...we drove from Utah into Colorado.
The snow was so COLD. My feet got a little muddy, so I took off my flip flops and felt the coldness to the bone!!! Ouch. Just amazing, the air was so warm and the snow is melting, there must've been a lot of snow.

P.S. Check out this cute....and the tutorial is here!

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Wendy said...

Bryce and Zion were two of our all-time family favorite places to visit and camp! Sorry to hear about your ear - I have the same problem - do you have a decongestant you can take? (I hate Sudafed, but it does help when you have eustachian tube disfunction).