June 22, 2011

Grand Canyon or bust!!!

Red Rock park near Gallup, NM was a great place for us to take a hike...we saw lizards, birds, wildflowers and beautiful rocks. This is one of my favorite photos from the whole trip...our "jumping" one!From Ohio, we drove through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri to Oklahoma...
Totem pole...see Olivia holding her new boomerang? It works, too. First time Rob tried it out to show Olivia how to do it, it came right back!
Olivia riding a reclining bike at one of the KOA campgrounds. In her swimsuit...she went swimming right afterwards!
In Amarillo, TX, we when on a hayride...the guy driving the tractor that pulled this had speakers that played songs..."Get your kicks on Rt. 66" (it was right off the old Rt. 66) and "She thinks my tractor's sexy."Hannah writing a postcard to Peepaw and Grammie.Church Street Cafe was delightful...we ate on their back porch, so many pretty flowers, AND delicious food.
Ouch. I did touch the cactus and got one of those prickly things stuck in my finger! That was a mistake. This is Old Town Albuquerque...

Little movie I took while we were driving...listening to a local NM radio station!The outside and inside of our tent...we camped 13 nights. The last 2 nights were really scary, horribly windy! It made me thank God for all the wonderful nights we had previously.
We drove our little black 2002 Toyota Echo almost 5000 miles over the past 2 weeks. We packed light...4-5 outfits (and we stopped to do laundry), just the necessities. Rob packed the car tightly. We borrowed a slim cooler from my parents that held a gallon of milk and lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and salami, at one point. We ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly or honey, too.This is the 4 corners, where the states NM, AZ, UT and CO meet. From there we drove into Arizona...right to Grand Canyon. There, we purchased an annual pass for $80, since regular admission is $25 (but we planned to go to 3 more National Parks)... We rented bicycles for the 4 of us while in Grand Canyon. It was a little adjustment for Hannah and Olivia getting used to using hand brakes instead of pushing back on the pedal to stop!
Right behind our campsite at Desert View Campground (only $12/night here, site #48) in Grand Canyon National Park...nice little hike. There were no showers here, so we drove 26 miles to the building where there are showers...$2.00 in quarters will give you 8 minutes of hot water!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, and especially the ones in NM! Isn't it just beautiful there! It makes me miss being home, but when we move to Texas in a couple of months we will be alot closer, that I hope to go home atleast once a month!! My sister and neice and nephew got here monday night, drove from nm to here in one day (14hrs), I am sooooo happy to have them here!! I wish you had stopped by our house on your way through Missouri, I bet you drove right by our house!! Did you take I-44 the whole way? We are right off the Interstate!! :0)
Lori DeSantis

Sandy said...

Looks like fun! We just stayed at a KOA in Colorado Springs and had a great time. They are so nice for the kids and the pocket book!

elizabeth said...

Looks like you are all having a great time! lots of love to you!