October 7, 2011

FREE card

In promoting my own etsy shop, I decided to give you a free card (it's also a bit of advertising for me):Just click on it to get a big version, right click to save it...then print it out on an 8.5 x 11" paper, fold and color (might be fun for a child, but I also really love using my Prismacolor colored pencils). I use a sepia toned Faber-Castell fine tipped permanent pen, which is made in Germany to draw.

Feel free to print off several for yourself, but please do not try to sell them. Just write a note to a friend the old-fashioned way. Sometimes that's more meaningful than an email, especially if you color it in yourself! And go check out what I have for sale...let your friends know about it and I will gladly accept custom orders. Thanks!


Mimi said...

Oooh, thank you!

Valerie said...

Such cute drawings, Marfa! I love your card designs and catching up on your world. I'm also a big fan of knitting with Noro. Can't wait to see your one skein project!
x, Val

Jeannette said...

Sweet...I saw a Russian cartoon my daughter posted....I think you would really enjoy it.

I hope you can see it.
best wishes,

Marfa said...

That is so cute, Jeanette! Thanks for sharing. I could understand a good chunk of it...but you really don't even need to know Russian to "get" what's going on! The little girl is so cute and the graphics are awesome. Made me want some raspberries.

Michelle M. said...

Thank you for the card! I am printing it off for my children to write a note to my relatives. :) Your cards are really adorable.