October 21, 2011

"Tweet" handmade birds for sale!

I'm ready to share with you what I've been working on this past week. That's stage 1...and below, stage 2:Go have a look at my etsy shop:
I'll be adding more very soon! I'm selling them for $9 each.

And how are our birds? The chickens are doing well. Rob has worked all week (when not at work) on the chicken coop. It's almost done. My sister and her girls came over just to meet the chickens...and we ended up getting the hammock out and having a fun time together.
Here are some beautiful earrings from Barberry & Lace. Just $9. They're having a $100 giveaway! And 10% off available immediately. I think I might get some Christmas gifts from them.
Another sweet giveaway from Gussy Sews!


wayside wanderer said...

What cute birds! I've been looking for just the right bird cage. Not sure why...but I just want one. Really like the pretty earrings, too!

Marfa said...

I know...I was thinking of trying to make one, out of wood...and dowel rods, then paint...and have a little door with it always open. It's a beautiful symbol of freedom.

Jamie Riley said...

these little birds you are making are adorable Martha! Do the girls help you make them? I'd love to see you do some turkey's for Thanksgiving;)

Mimi said...

Cute, cute, cute!