October 5, 2011

Yarn along...a wedding gift!

I crocheted six coasters to give to Ephraim and Joanna as part of their wedding gift, using up the Noro yarn with other wool and cotton yarns. Want to see more of Ginny's Yarn Along?The trip to Maine was wonderful...and as my daughter Hannah put it: "It feels like we're already home." There were so many sweet and loving people there.

"Dance, O Isaiah, for the Virgin bore a Son,
Emmanuel, He is both God and Man, and Orient is His name,
magnifying him, we call the Virgin blessed.

The Holy Martyrs, who fought the good fight and have received your crown,
entreat ye the Lord to have mercy on our souls.

Glory be to Thee, Christ the God,
Boast of the Apostles, Joy of the Martyrs,
whose preaching is the consubstantial Trinity."


DebD said...

Lovely photo and video. said...

Maine, Maine, Maine...what is it about Maine that everyone is in love with??? brother and sister in law just moved there as did some dear friends. i am waiting to see how these people make it through the winter to even consider it ever! lol. beautiful!


Mimi said...

Many Years! Beautiful photo! What a wonderful gift.

GretchenJoanna said...

Colorful coasters - what a special wedding gift from your own hands....

relinn11 said...

What religion is this wedding? It is beautiful! Such beauty and ceremony!! Thanks for sharing.

Marfa said...

It's in the Russian Orthodox Church!

Darcel said...

Stopping by from Yarn Along.
Cute coasters! I like how they are all different colors. That looks like it was a beautiful ceremony.

Lori ann said...

very cute coasters!