December 5, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside...

...and it's white, oh, it is so beautiful. I pulled my curtain aside, first thing when I hopped out of my warm bed (We have a new furnace). I was so happy to see all the white snow. Hannah and Olivia got out their rain boots and coats and went outside to help me clean off the car and play. I wish I could've stayed to play with them. On the radio in the car, I heard the sweet old tune, "Baby, it's cold outside." At school, I made some paper snowflakes with some of the children. I'm home now, just finished helping Hannah with her school work (we're homeschooling her through ECOT), water is boiling for pasta, getting ready for karate, but would love go play, except there are many things to do right now... I have always enjoyed playing in the snow!


Samantha said...

I hope we get another snow fall soon! I love sitting inside with a hot cup of cocoa and watching the snow fall. Sedona LOVES the snow. She hates the rain, but she'll run around the yard in the snow. She's a strange one!!

KJ-Starre said...

Snow! how wonderful!!! And to think I too will be able to do exactly what you did, in two days time. We leave for Canada tomorrow.

I LOVE your new blog header.

I will have my laptop in Canada so I can still blog...Yay!


Petronia said...

We just got a dusting of snow, and we put up our tree! I'm loving it!

Btw, we may have different opinions on some worldly things...but at least we agree on the One thing that matters :) Hope I didn't offend in any way. Much love in Christ,